using soft materials and found objects i create provocative, tactile objects
and installations about human relationship.

I redefine needle art techniques and transform the everyday into works of contemporary relevance. There is a presence of the maker in the shape of thousands of stitches, hand-wrought forms and, as in my collaboratives, the orchestrated actions of many. 

Influenced by my travels, I draw from historical and cultural experiences around me that extend from my neighborhood to time spent in the Far East.

The exhibit Unidentifed Woman engages with the collections at Historic Northampton and the forces that have shaped women’s identities since the 18th century by fusing personal experiences and ideologies into sculptures that contribute to the progress of both art and feminism.

Impressions from a residency in Shenzhen China, where citizens are experiencing radical social changes, resulted in works about the universal and confusing contradictions of identity and place.

A fellowship in Thailand found me sharing a mud house with scorpions and more. They occupied my thoughts and affected my every move. It was curious that a being so small could wield such immense power. I processed this by stitching one with materials found at local markets. Once home, it expanded beyond the personal with the creation of a larger than life Stinger out of found doilies that suggest a history of needlework and domesticity, while querying the social structures embodied in objects, and investigating the complex, often entangled qualities of power, emergence, and fear.


STINGER - black lace, wire armature, man's sock   
13x28x24 inches - 2016 while in Thailand
Photo: Will Howcroft