Balancing tradition and innovation I use needlework
to infuse renewed power
to craft traditions, engage the senses and explore the human condition.

Found objects – the everyday and invisible – are reworked, repurposed, and placed on a pedestal for scrutiny where the psychological is made physical in the way that one form materializes from another.

Influenced by my travels, I draw from historical and cultural experiences to create sculptures that capture the remarkably universal human impulse, from prehistory to the present, of rationalizing purpose and place.

Acting like watch-over-you totems of the intangible, they investigate the complex, often entangled qualities of power, fear and the emergence of identity. The practice of time intensive processes in the making promotes contemplation and resolve – whether it be the sting of an insect that presents as larger than life or the painful realization of inevitable truths.

Through the use of evocative materials, humor and surrealist imagery I hope to elicit simultaneous reactions of whimsy and threat, to engage viewers to question, and to beckon the urge to touch.