A pop-up exhibit of sculptures and paintings

September 2015
Beacon Hill Storefront, Boston MA

Jodi Colella and Adria Arch, Boston based artists who exhibit frequently in gallery and museum settings, were drawn to the challenge of showing their art in a non-traditional space such as this vacant storefront in Bostons Beacon Hill neighborhood.

WHACK! refers to the intensity of color and texture on view as well as the immediacy and urgency of a very short (three day) exhibition. Besides sharing a sensibility that revels in bold hues and pattern, both Colella and Arch recently completed residencies in China and India, respectively. An international residency can significantly impact artistic practice – leading to a shift in focus and an enriched visual vocabulary. The work on view in WHACK! is a result of these experiences.


P O W E R   F I G U R E S

"... A recent fellowship in a remote village in China was an inspirational experience, leading Colella to reflect on Chinese cultural history and inspiring her to create an array of timeless, poignant stuffed "beasts" she envisions as power figures. Recalling fetish or totem items from some unknown past, these odd, decorated creatures have both a weighty, tactile solidity and a sense of wounded fragility. They look, to an extent, like they suffer. They are, in many ways, out of whack."

Essay excerpt: Shawn Hill   Photography: Will Howcroft