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 As a Visiting Artist to Needham High School I facilitated senior art students in the creation of an interactive collaborative installation.
 The objective was to create an environment that would intitate dialogue, strengthen ties and promote wellness.
 Working as a team, the senior art students determined their objectives and how to incorporate them with the objectives of OYP. 
 The installation was active in the two weeks leading up to a schoolwide event for the Own Your Peace program.
 The community was invited to write messages on strips of fabric about how they 'Own Their Piece/Peace'.
 The fabric strips were then knotted onto a framework.
 Some messages found their way to other locations in the school.
 They considered everything from concept, to material, to color, to OYP, to fire codes to maintenance restrictions and more.
 Tasks were divided covering all aspects from advertising, to maintenance, to material prep etc.
 One class conceptualized a CAVE located beneath the stairs of a popular hangout.
 The other class chose to locate their installation on a bridge that connects the old building to the new.
 Enamored with the metaphor of bridging and connecting, they chose to proved monochromatic strips in shades of purple with the intent of unifying their message.
 The students responded to the 'found' gridlike architecture as their foundation.
 Some left notes in between classes.
 Others visited during class time with their teachers.
 The 'Materials Maintenance' committee makes sure to keep up with supplies.
 At the end of two weeks, the ties from 'Bridge' will be sewn together into a quilt and displayed to commemorate their event...
 ... and provide opportunity for future events to add their marks.
 Everyone's interested in this inclusive approach... using art as an entree into meaningful discussions.
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