Breath + Matter
Boston Sculptors Gallery
July 18-August 17, 2018
Reception and Poetry Reading: July 18, 5:30-8:30 pm
First Friday Reception and Poetry Reading: August 3, 5:30- 8:30

In a bold move, Boston Sculptors Gallery has invited poets to partner with artists to create collaborative works combining both of their voices. The result is an unexpected cross-pollination that engages the common ground of these two distinct forms of artistic expression. Murray Dewart, one of the gallery’s founding members, recently edited the anthology, Poems About Sculpture. In the foreword, Robert Pinsky asks, “What has art made of breath to do with an art made of matter?” Twenty-four pairs of sculptors and writers have taken up the challenge of this timeless question.

Sculptor Jodi Colella and poet Wendy Drexler met by chance and discovered a shared interest in what's waiting to be discovered in a consignment-store bin or right under their feet. They both like to launch their artistic explorations with careful observation as a way to explore deeper meanings. And so they turned to moss, first responding visually to its beautiful and minute microscopic structures, then researching how this ancient life form grows, propagates—surviving, in times of drought, on a single drop of water! They’ve discovered that moss, like our own species, is resilient, collaborative, and opportunistic, and that the smallness of moss, with its  

for filling
the emptiness—
a scant gap, 
between cracks

encompasses the dynamic splendor and complexity of the world.

Wendy and me at the opening reception of Breath + Matter on July 18, 2018

Wendy and me at the opening reception of Breath + Matter on July 18, 2018

Check out the lesson plan designed by Wendy Drexler and Audrey Henderson specifically for Breath + Matter. Available for students and educators interested in poetry and sculpture.

UNDERFOOT, 56x22x10 in., crochet, rayon,  wool, cotton, wire, threads, human prosthetic eyes - 2018
Photo: Will Howcroft