Full installation view of LOOM LARGE at Boston Sculptors Gallery
 STINGER, 2018, 7x24x17 ft, found doilies, wire armature, threads
 Installation of STINGER at Boston Sculptors Gallery
 View of THUMBPRINTS, 2018, 4x4x1.5 in., encaustic wax relief of doily remnants, oil, wood panel
 View including the drawings WHAT I DIDN'T WANT TO SAY IN THE FIRST PLACE, 2018, 74x53 in., oil paper, graphite, watercolor, charcoal
 READY OR NOT, 2018, 6x10x29 in., emu egg, mixed threads, human prosthetic eye
 BEING, 2018, 6x9x9 in., ostrich egg, batting, porcelain leg, graphite
 LOVE AND HOPE AND SEX AND DREAMS, 2018, 6x6x8 in., ostrich egg, vintage quilt, graphite
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